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In 2014 when I first created my blog and was excited to start writing and pouring my heart out to encourage people, so many thoughts began to go through my head. Thoughts like, who was going to read what I'll write? Will I make sense? What of the talks about me now blogging? What if I quit along the line? And some other other crazy thoughts, all of which boils down to the fact that I was afraid. After going through these thoughts which caused me to be afraid, I ended up abandoning that blog till 2 years later. 

What do you think made the difference 2 years later? 


Because, 2 years later I didn't stop being afraid, rather what happened was that I made a choice to not allow those feelings of fear stop me. 

Is it wrong to feel afraid? No! Truth is, the more you feel afraid about a particular task, the more obvious it is that a courageous step towards that task will cause a shift in your life. So, if you feel afraid about a task then that task must be a big deal in your life and make a great difference too. 

"Fear sometimes can be the excuse we make for the choice we made"

So, while fear can be a threat to pursuing our life's purpose, the choice to allow fear win or stop us is totally our decision and we can't blame fear for it. 

What choice are you making today? To allow fear stop you or to take action inspite of your fears? 

Remember, the choice is still yours. I hope you use this power of choice profitably to move your life forward and make a difference in the lives of others and in the world at large.

Live fearlessly!

Love you large!


8:20:00 pm

One of the hindrances to our living a fearless life is the inability to handle rejection. You do your best to keep a positive attitude or summon courage to ask for help and all you get for that effort is a no or outright rejection, or you value this person so much and he or she turns around to say we don't belong together. This can be very hurtful as I've experienced that myself. However, a few things have helped me navigate feeling hurt about rejection and I'll share them with you.

1. Nobody owes you anything.

I learnt this the hard way. Not even your parents, spouse, friend, etc owes you a dime, (well except those who are in possession of your property 😂). Aside that, no one owes you any responsibility or obligation, so if you're fortunate enough to have people around you who really care about you and meet some of your needs, you need to see that as a privilege and be grateful for the favour. When you feel someone is obligated to you, you're already giving them power to make you feel terrible if they don't come true to fulfill that obligation. So, throw that "you owe me mentality" to the wind if you don't want to be hurt by rejections.

2. Understand that people have the right to deny you favours and that doesn't mean they're bad people. 

Making enemies of people just because they said no to you will keep you hurt while the fellow already moved on with his or her life. And the fact that someone said No to you or rejected you doesn't mean they're bad people. So, learn to accept Nos and rejections as part of life and don't hate people for it. 

3. Learn to make excuses for people's offences. 

While it's true that you shouldn't take offense with people just because they said no to you or rejected you, sometimes it's actually difficult not to, because rejection can be painful and offensive especially when same is inhumanely conveyed. To pardon their offense, you can make excuses for them. For instance, you asked A for money which you believe or think she has, then she blatantly refuses in a hurtful way. You can make excuses like.... Maybe she doesn't really have the money or she probably has something going on that's why she didn't respond in a more friendly manner. The excuse you make for them is not to justify their action, rather it's to help you forgive them and move on.

4. Expectations kill. 

Don't expect too much from people. Or rather, expect anything from anyone that way no one disappoints you. It's very hurtful when people you expect to accept you rejects you and says no without a valid reason, forgive them anyway and tell yourself because they're human, they're fallible. This can help you handle rejection.

5. Create something positive around that rejection. 

Maybe you actually need that rejection for you to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. So find, a lesson in that rejection and Create something positive with it. 

6. Be satisfied with yourself.

Don't allow what people do or say to you define who you are or change who you are. Be satisfied with yourself that nays or rejection from people don't pinch you a bit. Let your self esteem be so high that no rejection can pull it down. 

These points above are attitudes I built overtime that has helped me handle rejection and Nos. 

What about you? How do you handle rejection? Share with me in the comment section 👇 

I hope you learnt a thing or two? Do have a fearless week! 

Love you large!


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Many people are struggling with fear and while some are aware of this, some aren't. They just live, though unsatisfied with their current state, but still don't know what's making them comfortable in that state. Sometimes you get so comfortable with where you are because fear kept you there and forget you shouldn't be there. To these set of people, I want to awaken your consciousness to the fact that you're struggling with fear. For those who are aware of their fearful state, I want to tell you why you're still living in fear. 

For both parties the following are the reasons you're still afraid:

1. You don't trust God enough 
Yeah, we all say we believe God and we know He's our father, but how much are we trusting Him to walk on water? We'll rather fear men than God and settle for their opinion than what God says about us. 

To come to a place of absolute trust in God, you must understand the place of God in your life, who He is to you, who you are because of Him and all that you can become because of Him. Trusting God means you won't see the whole staircase but you'll take the first step. It means the future may look blurry but you trust His word for your life. It means being blind to what's happening around you and trusting Him wholly. It means looking aside your capabilities and trusting God who has equips you for His calling. It means walking by faith and not by sight.

2. Approval addiction
I can relate to this because I struggled with it a whole lot. Approval addiction is when you're addicted to the opinion of men and because of what they might think of you, you decide to just sit back and do nothing. You're waiting for them to say go girl, before you go. Waiting for approval from men before you move is one of the reasons you're still afraid. Hey, you don't need any man's approval to do what God has placed in your heart to do. So, trust God and blind your eye to men's opinion and bondage. Take constructive criticism, positive thoughts and opinions that helps move you forward and discard any opinion that makes you cringe or limits you. Don't wait around for opinions before you take action, go for it the world will catch up. 

3. Self limiting beliefs 
I've spoken so much about self limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that limit you and blur your vision. I'm single and because of that I can't go too far, so I don't chase a prospective spouse, I'm from a poor background and don't have money to pursue my dreams, I'm too old to start, you can fill up the rest of the excuses you make. You need to consciously expunge limiting beliefs and adopt empowering beliefs that will move you foward.

4. Low self esteem 
You need a good dose of self worth to defy the odds and pursue God's purpose. Of course, you should know who you are and embrace all of it. The good, bad and ugly, the mistakes, failures, etc. Build your self esteem and that way, nobody's opinion will shut you down. Lack of self esteem is the reason you're still afraid, take care of your self esteem and you'll see yourself boom. 

5. Lack of Clarity of purpose 
You can't discover who you are and your worth without knowing the problem you have been created to solve. While at the outset you may not get the whole picture, but there's a specific need God wants you to solve and you have all you need to solve that problem. Once you get clear on your purpose, you'll see a reason to pursue it without allowing fear to hinder you.

I hope their helps you..... Take care of these things and you'll discover fear will  no longer have a hold on you.

Live Fearlessly!


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Happy New Week guys.... Hope you had a splendid weekend?

Just want to quickly share this with you. I know my journey hasn't even really begun but so far I've gone, I've wanted to quit a lot of times. The truth is that success is demanding and it's demand is one of the reasons people choose to rather lay low. I knew if I was going to step out, it was practically going to take all of me and I wasn't really ready to commit and because of that fear, I lingered.

I'm grateful I eventually got the courage to start even when I didn't have everything figured out. That courage to start wasn't enough though because I quit a lot of times, made excuses but then I knew I was only delaying my process. As I struggled, I talked to God about everything and He kept reminding me that it wasn't about me, but about Him and the people I've been purposed to serve and impact. So after a long period of break, I got my groove back and jumped back in to work again. 

What's your story?
Are you tired and frustrated already? Are things not working out as you planned out initially? Do you feel discouraged because you're not getting the needed response and support from your most trusted allies? Are you mentally and financially drained and you just want to throw your hands up and say "I'm Done!".... I understand you perfectly because I've been there too. But just before you quit, remember;

a. It's not about you, but about God. Who do you want to serve? Yourself or Him? He saved you remember? He also called you and equipped you for all you will do and moreover since you received Him into your life you said goodbye to a life of self will for His life and His will as the life you now live isn't yours but His. So, remember it's about God and not you, even though you get to enjoy the dividend of your obedience.

b. It's not about you, but about the people God has purposed you to serve. Generations are relying on your obedience. There are people who can't be reached except through you. Many need your service and sacrifice to make progress or have a change in their life. You are to live beside yourself, die to self so as to serve others. Your gift is not for you but for others, so are you going to quit on these souls? 

c. Well, it's also about you. Walking in your purpose brings this undeniable fulfillment on the inside. While we don't work for the benefit we expect to receive, we still receive the benefits of our labour. If you sow, you reap and there's so much blessings attached to your obedience. It may take a while but it will surely show forth. 

Still want to quit? I guess not! 
I hope you take your concerns to God and quickly get right back on track because something big is awaiting you, only if you don't quit. 

Have a fulfilling week and live fearlessly!

Love you large!


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Thinking about my life in the past and how I've always wanted to be great, make impact and leave footprints in the sands of time. I had this idea in my head that one day, I will be a great personality to reckon with and make valuable impact in many lives. What I didn't really know or rather denied was the fact that making impact involved taking steps and taking steps means fear was something I'll have to deal with.

As I continued my journey through life, it dawned on me that no one was going to hand down greatness to me and the future was mine to take if I had the courage to. God already gave me dominion and made me great, but for this greatness to manifest I had a role to play which is stepping out in faith and in obedience and possessing all that God has made available for me.

God has given us dominion over the earth, but devil tries to mess with that through the instrument of fear. God is aware that this will happen and that's why He has promised us that He's always with us so we have no reason to fear.

To walk tall and influence this generation, living fearlessly is not something we can do without because fear is a daily reality. Waiting for fear to leave or stop will be waiting in futility. The impact you want to make is at the other end of the fear you face, but you need to be fearless and resilient in your pursuit. 

Do you want to impact lives and live a fulfilling life? Then you must be fearless and never allow fear make decisions for you. Once you have an idea, don't second guess yourself, just go on and take a step towards it no matter how afraid you feel. It's just a feeling, don't be ruled by your feelings, let courage win. 

Live fearlessly!

Love you large!


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H A P P Y  N E W  M O N T H!
Welcome to a new month guys.... To think we're just a month away from wrapping up this year, hmmmm... The months seem to have flown by pretty fast. But I'm grateful still for the progress, hope you are too? 

I know we all are high on being positive and getting loads of Yays, but seriously who doesn't want to get yes everyday of their life? Just incase you don't want to, well sincerely I do. 

Does this mean we always get a yes whenever we want or ask for it? No! 
Does this mean we always meet or have positive minded people around us? No! 

Nays and Negative opinion is just like the other side of the coin of Yay and Positivite opinions. If we can embrace positivity then there should be a way to deal with Nays and negativity.

In dealing with Nays, you must understand that people aren't always going to say yes to you and it's not always because they're bad people or they just love to decline your request or they hate you or for whatever reason, it's just because Nay is part of what we receive from life and it can be handed to us through anyone or any means. 

Having accepted that Nays are part of life. The next thing is to understand the reason behind it. A Nay could function as the beginning of Yays for you and can also stand as a limitation. It all depends on your perception about it. Moreover, people have the right to wither say yes or no, so they're not under any obligation to always grant your request or wish. 

So, you should know when to accept a No, when to discard same and say yes to yourself and when to learn a lesson or two from the No. Respect their decision and find another way rather than letting it bug you down or make you feel undeserving.

On negative opinions, people are entitled to their opinions, just as you're entitled to yours. It's also up to you to either discard the negative opinion (this is in contrast with constructive criticism) or allow it affect your life and what you do.

People are created to talk.... So, let them use their voice, while you apply wisdom in selecting the opinions that has effect on your life. 

Have a strong positive mindset that regardless of what people say or think of you, their negativity won't have a stronger hold on you than the positivity you've built over time. 

Have a fulfilling month and live fearlessly!

Love you large!


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Hello and welcome to a new and exciting week!

I'm as excited about this week as this image up here, lol. First off, how did your weekend go? Mine was pretty much eventful and quite busy. Aside the regular weekend chores and activities, this weekend was the Fearless Living monthly virtual seminar which we hold at every last weekend of the month. Part of what I want to share with you today was what I shared with them last weekend.

The theme of the seminar was "How To Stay Winning"

Winning first of all begins with our mindset. Also, our perception of life experiences and challenges will determine whether we'll stay winning or not.

Developing a no-lose mindset means, having or building a positive attitude or mindset towards life's challenges. For instance, your perception about the loss of a job might be, "life has ended for me" while to someone else it might be "it's time to explore other opportunities"..... Another instance, your perception about a break up might be "I'm not good enough for him or her" while to someone else it might me "He or she didn't deserve me"

Your challenges become exactly what you perceive them to be. You can either see it as the close of a chapter in your story and the beginning of another chapter in your story or the end of your story.

In developing a no-lose mindset;

a. You must always tell yourself that you can handle whatever life throws at you and that every challenge is an experience with its lesson that shapes you positively into a better person.

b. You must know and understand that whatever happens to you happens for a purpose and also it happens to build your character and mould you into a better person or help you explore a part of you, you never knew existed.

c. You must be open to embrace challenges and see them as part of life. While you hope for the best, you also prepare for the worst, so it doesn't take you unawares.

d. You must always find a positive side of whatever challenge life throws you no matter how ugly it seems.

e. You must always remember that you're not what you've been through, there's so much more to you and these challenges pull out that part of you that's yet to unfold. Never allow your circumstances affect you negatively, stay positive regardless.

Hey, this is not a mindset you build overnight, it takes time and practice too, but it's very doable.

Will you try it?
What's your perception about challenges? Share with me in the comment section.

Hope this helps you to have a positive attitude this week. So have a fulfilling and fearless week.

Love you large.
Live fearlessly!


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It feels really good to be back home, lol. Writing is home for me incase you don't know. Can't believe I've been away from here for about three months.... It's not been easy at all as there's been challenges here and there.

 At some point it was me being all confused and not really knowing where i was headed with what i was doing. A lot of opinions were flying here and there, i felt like i was loosing myself and had no clarity about what i was doing. I just needed sometime to just clear my head and go back to God and understand what He really wants me to do. I didn't want to loose myself while on my journey or find myself being distracted by what other people were doing. This was actually how i started taking a backseat to really figure things out.

While i was getting over this stage, i had my masters exams coming up, so rather than get back to work i decided to just focus more on my books and work as there were just a lot of things competing for my interest. Before i knew what was happening, the ASUU strike stepped in, lol.  And my phone which i used majorly spoilt because of work overload and i lost so many important documents i had saved up. It was as though everything was happening at thesame time, but all to God's glory as i had extra time to really put things in perspective.

was it all bad? Hell No!

I had some amazing moments while i was away.

First and major was my growth in the knowledge of God, some of which i'll be sharing with you from time to time. Gosh! To think i had a wrong perception of God for several years was disheartening. I got to understand the depth of God's love and the efficacy of Christ's death and blood. I can't wait to share all my findings with you guys and tell you how this knowledge has totally changed and improved my relationship with God. Truly, knowledge is everything and no wonder Apostle Paul's prayers were majorly for knowledge.

This post is becoming longer than i thought... Forgive me, you know this is all gist.

Next was my speaking engagement at a TEDx event organized by TEDxUI. I was super excited to share my message with the world. I really had such an amazing time sharing with them on "Dare To Be Abnormal" The video isn't out yet, when it's out i'll definitely share with you guys, but right now you can see some pictures from the event. Do you know i was to speak for just 18 minutes? At TEDx you're given a limited time to communicate your idea to the audience. As someone who loves talking, it was such a short time but i did a lot with it.
With the keynote speaker
I was grabbing the microphone to take my turn on stage
 I remember i was told i was going to be the first speaker, lol.... I refused o, and was eventually the second speaker.
Here i was done speaking and handing over the microphone

That moment you're trying to make sense and also smile in between, lol

LOL! When you're trying so hard to make sense!
Long talk you will say.... Hope you enjoyed reading and watching my pictures.
Thanks for reading this far, i really appreciate. This is to officially say i'm back to business. Will try my best to post at least twice a week.

what about you? What have you been up to so far? Share in the comment box please.

Thank you for all your support! 

Love you large.

Live Fearlessly!


10:39:00 am
Good morning and a Happy New Week to you. How was your weekend and how has life been in general? 

Really having the best season of my life because I'm growing daily in the knowledge of God and gaining serious spiritual insights. Because as He is so am I in this world, I discovered as I gain more knowledge of God, I get to know myself more better. This has really helped to keep my life together and helped me focus properly to know what God really wants me to do.

Today, I want to share something really important with you. And that is.... EMOTIONS!

I think as human beings, we're just naturally emotional and seem to work more by what we see and feel than the truth in God's word. The truth however is that our feelings aren't always true and as such shouldn't be trusted. 

I remember in a dream sometime ago, I lost my dad and we were planning his burial. I wept so bitterly in that dream and didn't stop even after I woke up. It felt so real.... I just kept crying and then, I didn't even have a phone to contact my dad. Weeks later, my dad came around to visit and he was hale and hearty and you needed to have seen how I jumped on him in excitement.

The truth is that while I dreamt, my dad was very much alive, but because of my dreams and the emotions that followed I felt he was already dead. This is exactly how emotions play out.... They're mostly always not true or real, but because we're in the flesh, we assume it's true. This is the means through which fear holds a firm grip on us. We fear what we don't see and hope for the worst because what we see doesn't look like what we hope for.

One sure thing I've come to discover that stays true is the word of God. If it says you have been blessed, then you're blessed. If it says you have the wisdom of God, you have it. If it says you have not been given the spirit of fear but of love, of power and of a sound mind, it is the truth. It doesn't matter what your body says or how you feel physically, stick with the word and draw from your already gained victory.

Having learnt this, I don't give room to fear, because that's not who I am and that's not what the word says about me. He says I'm powerful, full of wisdom, strong, able, etc and I believe Him. I don't let my emotions rule, I let His motions (word) rule. 

Walk through this week and beyond with this mindset and you'll see how fearless you'll live. 

Have a fulfilling week.

Love you large 

WE ARE MODELS.... the earth is our runway

9:41:00 am
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This my model though, I can't stop laughing 😂 😂 

Ever thought of being a model but you think you don't have all it takes to be one? Not slim, no long legs, can't catwalk, not ready to go naked on camera, not macho enough, no beards, too religious to walk that path? 

Hey...... Calm down 😂 

What if I told you you don't need all of that to be a model? As a matter of fact you're a model just the way you are! Yes, I said that..... But the question is, what are you modelling? 

As models on earth, we're here to model our purpose and that is the unique solution God has given you to make available to the world. 

Models, model clothes, shoes, products, body, etc.... In same manner you're here to model your product which is your purpose. 

You don't need a catwalk to do that, neither do you need to be slim, Shapy, etc. All you need is the one who gave you this assignment and all that He has equipped you with to carry out this assignment.

The question is,
What is your product? 
Have you taken your space on the runway? 
If not, What's stopping you?

Unlike the regular modeling, all you need is the verdict of the father and you have that already, the next line of action would be to step out in faith and catwalk your way to greatness. He has you, and He will walk you through the whole process. Don't be afraid of missing your steps or even falling, His arms are readily available to hold you, just trust Him and step out in faith, you'll do great. 

The earth is yours to posses, let's have your product! 

Live Fearlessly!
Love you large.
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